Welcome to the dynamic online counselling platform that is especially designed to accompany you on this journey to connect better with yourself, your life and your world. Our trained and registered therapists and counsellors are here to help you develop and become an infinitely happier version of the unique being that you are through clinical and supportive counselling.

Statistics show that there are over 720 million people in the world living with a mental health condition. Many of which don’t access the support they need due to stigma surrounding mental health issues. This excludes people who just want to utilize counselling to better their lives in general.

Our main goal is therefore to support anyone in creating a more meaningful, content and fulfilled life through anonymous, supportive counselling in a modality that best suits the needs of our users.

Does your nearest therapist live miles away? Do you need to navigate traffic to get to your counsellor? Or does your closest counsellor charge a fortune? At Dynamic Health we strive to make professional counselling more accessible, affordable and convenient for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Registered  Experienced  Professional  Verified

Dynamic Health allows you to connect with professionals that are registered with their respective medical boards of profession. Each professional is verified personally through the system and our team, and had to undergo rigorous training at Honors, Masters or Doctoral level to be able to register within their respective fields.

Dynamic Health Therapists provide an unbiased professional perspective as well as tools, and guidelines to assist you in improving your mental health. Finding the right therapist makes all the difference.

A Meaningful Relationship on every device.

Now it’s possible to contact your therapist from anywhere at any time, so that you won’t have to wait a week or even a month to contact them. You can send your therapist a message from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Your conversation carries over to any device and utilises military standard encryption and security to ensure that information is kept secure and confidential.