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Emotion Wheel by Dr Gloria Willcox

The middle six emotions are secondary emotions and the second and third circle is primary emotions. 

How the wheel works: 

  1. Identify the most relevant emotion from the six emotions the middle (Sad, Mad, Scared, Peaceful, Powerful or Joyful) – They are always secondary emotions i.e. you never feel Mad first, we need to identify an underlying emotion. 
  2. Ask yourself why you think you might feel this way and write it down. 
  3. Then go to the middle circle and identify all the most relevant emotions (If you identified Mad as the middle emotion, then consider whether you feel Hurt, Hostile, Angry, Selfish, Hateful or Critical)
  4.  Identify why you think you might feel this way
  5. Then proceed to the third and outer circle and identify the Mose relevant emotions and why you might feel this way. 
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