About Us

DHT is a purpose more than a company.

At DHT, we believe that growth happens within healthy relationships. Let’s connect you to your therapist, and start consulting from the safety of your own home today. Our platform can accommodate Individuals, Couples, Families, Friends, Colleagues, Teens and Groups.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life? 

We have identified at least one of ours. Dynamic Health Today aims to support and improve the overall mental health for anyone, anywhere and anytime, today. 

We therefore strive to make professional services and products more accessible than ever before. Meet our team below. 

Our Purpose

Dynamic Health Today is a Secure Online Therapy Platform that is especially designed to accompany you on this journey to connect better with yourself, your life and your world. Our trained and registered therapists and doctors are here to help you develop and become an infinitely happier version of the unique being that you are, through clinical and supportive counselling.

Our Counsellors

Dynamic Health allows you to connect with professionals that are registered with their respective medical boards of profession. Each professional is verified personally through the system and our team, and had to undergo rigorous training at Honours, Masters or Doctoral level to be able to register within their respective fields.


Dynamic Health Therapists provide an unbiased professional perspective as well as tools, and guidelines to assist you in improving your mental health. Finding the right therapist makes all the difference.

Our Company

After many many years of deliberation, thinking and consideration, we finally decided to embark on the patient, exciting and meaningful journey to develop and establish an online platform that aims to be the one stop space for mental health. But most importantly, to provide the services and products in versatile ways to meet you where you are. Today.

Our Team

We are not a large corporate brand full of fancy stuff. We are currently a team of four people who believe in the cause of making Mental Health more accessible to everyone. Plain and simple. 

Luricka Fick

Founder, Psychologist & Amateur Baker

Christo Fick

Co-Founder, Finance & Boating Enthusiast

Richard Leonard

Tech Support & Closeted Bike Mechanic

Alexandra Steyn

Legal, Voice of Reason & Orchid Mom

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You don’t need to embark on a formal therapeutic journey to improve your mental health . You can purchase and complete our Self-Therapy Toolkits or keep a DHT Journal and improve your mental health at your own pace. 

No fuss, No pressure.

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